British Columbia Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Packaging and Paper Products Baseline Report: Waste Flows Study

BC ICI report

The Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) is working to create a circular economy for plastic packaging. To support its work, CPP has established a Roadmap to 2025 that outlines key steps to reducing plastic waste in Canada. CPP recognizes that a first step towards achieving better plastic packaging management in Canada is documenting our country’s current plastic packaging baseline and material flows, including its use in the context of other packaging materials.

The British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy is also evaluating opportunities to better prevent and manage packaging waste, including establishing an action plan –i.e., Advancing Recycling in B.C. Extended Producer Responsibility Five-Year Action Plan– that will, among other objectives, evaluate opportunities to encourage improved circularity for industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) packaging and paper products (PPP).

The CPP, in collaboration with the Government of British Columbia (BC) and Policy Integrity Inc., with support from JTL Squared Consulting, Lichens Recyclability, and Westerview Consulting, has now published baseline research to better understand the quantity and composition of packaging and paper products (PPP) disposal and diversion (including various types of plastic packaging) from the ICI sector.

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