Canada Plastics Pact welcomes six new Partners across the plastics value chain committed to tackling plastic waste

OTTAWA, July 6, 2022 – Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) is pleased to welcome six new Partners in Q2 of 2022 who are uniting under the CPP’s shared action plan to build a circular economy for plastics packaging in Canada. 

New CPP Partners include recyclers finding innovative ways to turn plastic waste into a resource for the circular economy, a leading grocery and fuel retailer, a government entity, and producer responsibility organizations.

The new Signatory Partners of the CPP are: Aduro Clean Technologies; Co-op; and Heffco Elastomers Inc.

The new Implementation Partners of the CPP are: the Government of Yukon; Recycle BC and Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW).

“We are encouraged to see the growing interest from stakeholders across the entire plastic value chain and the broader ecosystem in Canada recognizing the work being done through our collaborative platform,” said Paul Shorthouse, Interim Managing Director, CPP. “We now have eight working groups that bring together the essential actors to tackle the key issues around plastic packaging waste and pollution, from the redesign of packaging, to making investments in critical collection and advanced recycling infrastructure, to supporting alternative models such as reusable and refillable packaging and compostables.”  

It’s through the collaboration of diverse actors in the plastics industry that CPP is addressing one of the most pressing environmental issues of today. With approximately 90 Partners, the CPP continues to work towards ambitious targets for circular plastics packaging in Canada, set out in its Roadmap to 2025

Since the CPP launched in early 2021, various initiatives have been underway to address the opportunities and challenges to enacting systems change. Most notably, the CPP is leading the consultation and implementation of the Golden Design Rules for Plastics Packaging in the Canadian marketplace, which was developed by the Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Plastic Waste Coalition of Action


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The Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) is tackling plastic waste and pollution, as a multi-stakeholder, industry-led, cross-value chain collaboration platform. The CPP brings together over 85 companies, governments, and organizations across the plastics value chain who are united behind a vision of creating a circular economy in Canada in which plastic waste is kept in the economy and out of the environment. It unites businesses, government, non-governmental organizations, and other key actors in the local plastics value chain behind clear actionable targets for 2025.

The CPP is a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Plastics Pact network. It operates as an independent initiative of The Natural Step Canada, a national charity with over 25 years’ experience advancing science, innovation, and strategic leadership aimed at fostering a strong and inclusive economy that thrives within nature’s limits.

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