FGF Brands: Finding Recycling Solutions for Every Waste Stream

CPP Roadmap Target #3

Project Timeline

The Circular Solution
TRUE Zero Waste certifications helps FGF Brands to divert waste from landfill and support a circular economy by finding a recycling vendor for each waste stream.

Not only do these certified facilities exhibit environmental responsibility, but they also demonstrate increased resource efficiency and have the ability to generate cost savings and additional revenue streams by converting waste. By closing the loop of the circular economy, these facilities can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, manage risks, minimize litter and pollution, reinvest resources in the local community, and create employment opportunities.

All of FGF Brands’ production facilities are zero-waste certified – meaning that over 90% of its waste is diverted from landfill and incineration. This includes a dedicated plastic waste stream accepting both rigid and flexible plastic packaging.

Some key practices and programs implemented at its facilities include:

  • Mixed plastic recycling
  • Innovative label back tape recycling
  • Team Member engagement and training
  • Detailed waste tonnage and diversion tracking
  • Expanding recycling agreements with our waste vendors

Next Steps
FGF Brands will continue to push for 100% diversion in finding a recycling stream for all of its packaging waste, this includes seeking out and supporting innovative recycling vendors who are key players in achieving Target 3 of CPP’s Roadmap to 2025.