The Challenge

Plastics play an important role in our society. However, our plastics system is broken: We take-make-waste. As a result, in Canada alone, three million tonnes a year of plastics waste end up in landfills, escape into the environment, or are burned.

This harms biodiversity and uses up natural resources. It also contributes to the climate crisis, and sees billions of dollars of valuable materials lost to the economy.

More clean-ups and better recycling won’t solve our plastic pollution problem. Achieving a world without plastic waste or pollution will take new levels of innovation and collaboration. 

And we must act now: Waiting just five more years to take action risks an additional 80 million metric tons of plastic going into the ocean by 2040.


Tackling plastic pollution with plastic solutions

Learn more about how the Canada Plastics Pact is tackling the plastics
challenge with solutions, so that plastics stay in the economy and out
of the environment.

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