Unilever Canada: Dove Releases Refill-at-Home Deodorant Format

CPP Roadmap Target #2

Project Timeline
Product launch: 2021
Online availability: 2022
Full Launch: 2023

The Circular Solution
Unilever has trialed a variety of reuse models aimed at reducing plastic packaging and have found that the most successful approach with the best opportunity for scale, is the refill-at-home format. This approach meets the consumer need for more sustainable packaging options and reduces plastic packaging while promoting reuse behaviours.

In 2021, Unilever launched the Dove refillable deodorant pack. The refillable deodorant comes in a durable, precision-engineered stainless steel case that’s designed to last a lifetime. Consumers purchase the outer stainless-steel case once and then purchase refills as needed which are provided in minimal 96% recycled plastic packaging. The refill format uses 54% less plastic than a regular deodorant stick.

Next Steps
In mid-February 2023, Dove will launch a campaign including digital, social media and in-store communication to increase awareness of the launch, the benefits of the refillable pack, and to encourage trial of the product.