2022 CPP Partners’ Summit: Inspiring and Empowering Leaders in the Plastics Value Chain Towards Advancing a Circular Economy

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Collaboration is at the heart of systems change. Since the launch of the Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) in early 2021 amid a global pandemic, CPP Partners have remained strong and active through virtual meetings, but as a multi-stakeholder platform, coming together in-person proved to be much-needed to advance the circular transition. Once restrictions eased in 2022, the organization was finally able to safely convene on November 29, 2022 for the first-ever CPP Partners’ Summit.

More than 100 individuals representing more than 50 organizations from across the plastics value chain gathered in Toronto for a day of knowledge sharing and collaboration to continue to work towards building a circular economy for plastics packaging in Canada.


The CPP Roadmap to 2025 presents a full picture of what is needed to achieve circularity and what needs to be done. The 2022 Summit was an opportunity to prioritize actions and reflect on a series of perspectives and discussions on key topics of interest to stakeholders who are leading change and innovation.

From integrating PCR content into flexible pouches to launching and scaling pilots to delving into policies that incentivize and promote circular solutions, the Summit kicked off by exploring timely conversations around reuse and recycling.  

Stakeholders also discussed technology systems needed to scale Extended Producer Responsibility and reuse systems, prioritizing efforts in source reduction, driving end market demand, demonstrating impact through communications and education, and improving data reporting. 

We were pleased to be joined by a representative from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastics Pact Network and WRAP Global, who provided an update on the Global Commitment and shared best practices from other Plastics Pacts.

While we are cognizant that we still have lots of work ahead of us to achieve our goals, the day ended with a roadmapping exercise that set a clearer path forward for a faster transition to a circular economy.


The 2022 CPP Partners’ Summit has and continues to achieve its goal of bringing together key actors within the plastics value chain. To meet targets, each stakeholder plays a critical role in our step towards circularity; ultimately, our collective efforts will create the most meaningful change. 

The emphasis on collaboration from unique players in the plastics value chain will empower and inspire stakeholders to change the status quo as we move towards the same goal. The CPP looks forward to moving the needle to create a circular, sustainable future for plastics packaging in Canada.

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