Integrating Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR) in Plastic Packaging

The Canada Plastics Pact’s leadership in setting voluntary benchmarks for recycled content underscores the need for a guide on effectively integrating post-consumer recycled content (PCR) in plastic packaging. This not only mirrors global industry efforts, but also complements Canadian Federal Government policies on recycled content standards.

The CPP’s Recycled Content Working Group has released a guidance document on Integrating PCR in Plastic Packaging to support CPP Partners and other key stakeholders in achieving their recycled content targets and goals. 

Influential stakeholders, including brand owners, producers, and manufacturers have the power to shape the market landscape by modifying their procurement policies and their packaging designs to require greater amounts of recycled content in packaging. By doing so, these stakeholders will drive the investments and infrastructure needed to enable more circular plastic packaging.

Click here to read the PCR Integration Guide.

Click here to read the PCR Certification Principles, which is a comprehensive framework for evaluating certification programs for post-consumer recycled content in plastics in Canada.