The 5-Year Roadmap for Advancing a Circular Economy for Flexible Plastic Packaging in Canada is a shared action plan that addresses the complex challenge of flexible plastic packaging and outlines what is required to create real progress in accelerating solutions for flexibles. Built through collaboration between companies, organizations, and governments across the entire plastics value chain, this Roadmap presents a shared vision for a circular economy for flexible plastic packaging and a collaborative action plan to drive tangible change between now and 2027.


What is flexible plastic packaging?

It is a package or container made of flexible or easily yielding materials that, when filled or closed, can be readily changed in shape. This packaging is recognized for its lightweight, durability, versatility, low cost, superior functionality, efficient extension of food shelf-life, and resource efficiency.

Why is the flexible plastic packaging market growing?

Flexible plastic packaging can be used for a wide variety of applications – from fresh and frozen goods, to lawn and garden products, dry goods, medical products, and liquid products. Given its lightweight and adaptable configurations, it can deliver additional product, cost, and climate benefits.

What’s the challenge?

Despite comprising 47% of plastic packaging in Canada, less than 2% of flexible packaging and films are recycled. Given the structure of flexible plastic packaging is often complex – being made up of multiple resins and other materials – challenges exist at present with respect to its recyclability and disposal.

This Flexibles Roadmap provides a set of underlying objectives, outcomes, activities, and milestones across three thematic areas:

“Developing a circular economy for flexible plastic packaging and films is critical given the current state and the existing challenges,” says Paul Shorthouse, Strategic Advisor at the CPP and Lead Facilitator of CPP’s Flexibles Working Group. “This Roadmap presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders across the plastics value chain to come together and drive rapid, unprecedented change and investment.”