Keurig Dr Pepper Launches a New System and Plastic-free Pod

The Circular Solution 

Keurig Dr Pepper has introduced a multi-year innovation agenda for its Keurig® single serve brewing system, including a completely reimagined coffee system and a portfolio of new products and technologies designed to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s coffee consumer.

The foundation of the Company’s future vision is K-Rounds™ plastic-free pods, a revolutionary new form of single serve coffee. K-Rounds pods are created from expertly roasted coffee beans that are ground, pressed and wrapped in a proprietary, protective plant-based coating preserving the coffee’s flavor and aroma, eliminating the need for plastic or aluminum. K-Rounds plastic-free pods will work in the new Keurig Alta™ brewer as part of a reimagined Keurig system that allows consumers to make a variety of hot and cold barista-style beverages – from a bold espresso with velvety crema, to an aroma-rich cup of hot coffee or a refreshingly chilled cold coffee – without having to master complex brewing techniques.

Next Steps

As the Company pursues its vision, consumers will have the opportunity to provide essential feedback in the ongoing development of the Keurig Alta system in various beta testing phases with the first starting as early as fall 2024. Keurig will leverage learnings from these trials, as well as strategic engagement with and insights from its retailer and coffee brand partners, to refine and optimize the system before making it available for broader sale to consumers.

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