NOVA Chemicals focuses on increasing plastic recyclability and PCR to advance a circular economy

Collaborating across the value chain is a key component to NOVA Chemicals’ strategy of having 30% of its product slate come from recycled content by 2030. It allows the company to connect with converters, distributors, and brand owners on product and application development projects that have resulted in the following achievements:  

Design for Circularity 
NOVA Chemicals focuses on increasing plastic recyclability and the incorporation of post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) to achieve a circular economy. The company’s efforts are amplified by how it enable its customers to strategically design for circularity up front with tools like its proprietary BONFIRE® Film Development Platform. In 2022, NOVA Chemicals collaborated with Ecole Polytechnique to design a course using BONFIRE that will help prepare new material scientists and engineers for their future careers in designing circular products and packaging.  

PCR Incorporation 
NOVA Chemicals continuously evaluates its portfolio to identify and develop new resins that enable mono-material packaging and allow for higher PCR incorporation. In 2023, it introduced SYNDIGO™ recycled polyethylene (rPE), a 100% post-consumer mechanically recycled resin used in flexible and rigid, food and non-food contact applications. The company also commercialized biaxially oriented high-density polyethylene (BOPE-HD) resins designed as a fully recyclable film alternative to replace multi material laminates. 

Recycling Infrastructure 
The announcement of the company’s Connersville, IN mechanical recycling facility is its latest circular endeavor. Post-consumer plastic films will be processed here to produce food and non-food contact SYNDIGO rPE commercially as early as 2025, with a total capacity of 100+ MM lb per year. 

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