Principles for Certification of Post-Consumer Recycled Content

The Canada Plastics Pact’s Recycled Content Working Group has released a comprehensive framework for assessing certification programs for post-consumer recycled content (PCR) in plastics packaging across Canada.

This document complements the December 2023 guidance document on Integrating PCR in Plastic Packaging, supporting CPP Partners—such as brand owners, producers, manufacturers, and converters—and other key stakeholders in meeting their recycled content goals.

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How To Take Action

Recycled Resin Producers: By selecting certifications that align with this guidance, producers are ensuring their products uphold high standards for quality.

Manufacturers: This guidance helps manufacturers assess and choose trusted certification schemes, ensuring adherence to accepted standards and minimizing the risk of making poor purchasing decisions.

CPGs and Brand Owners: The guide instills confidence in shifting to products containing PCR, protecting against potential greenwashing claims and preparing businesses for impending regulations.

Standards Developers and Certification Designers: The principles offer a foundation for creating effective certification programs, ensuring that industry standards align with best practices and emerging trends.

Retailers: The guide provides clear direction for working with suppliers to achieve desired sustainable packaging and certification, meeting consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

Industry Associations: This landmark gathers the best available knowledge on certification programs in Canada and your members should be made aware in order to make the best decisions. 

Government: As governments consider using third party certifications to validate PCR content reporting, this document provides clear guidance on selecting which certifications to trust.