Kraft Heinz Canada & TerraCycle: Ethical Bean National Recycling Program Reduces Coffee Packaging Waste

CPP Roadmap Target #3

Project Timeline

Launch: 2022

The Circular Solution 

The Ethical Bean National Recycling Program is a collaboration between Kraft Heinz Canada, a food and beverage company, and TerraCycle, a waste management company specializing in zero-waste solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste streams. This program aims to help Canadians reduce their waste while still enjoying the convenience and flavor of their coffee. By partnering with TerraCycle, the recycling program provides a solution for all brands of coffee bags, which are not typically accepted curbside and enables them to be diverted from landfills. By implementing this program, Kraft Heinz’s Ethical Bean brand proves itself to be a leader in the coffee industry working towards a more sustainable future.


Data from 2022 have shown that more than 73,000 coffee bags have been collected and recycled, resulting in a total weight of 1,168 kgs diverted from the landfill. Additionally, the media outreach has garnered over 21 million media impressions which demonstrates the reach and effectiveness message to reduce waste. The lessons learned from the recycling program include demonstrating the importance of consumer education and awareness in promoting recycling, to continue engaging the consumer to increase participation and promote a circular economy.

Next Steps

The next steps for the Ethical Bean Recycling Program could include:

  • Increasing awareness and education about the program through various marketing and communication channels.
  • Increasing the collection of coffee bags and by promoting recycling to a wider audience.
  • Gather feedback from consumers and make adjustments to the program based on input.